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Jackson Speed Round with Conan from Exmortus

We know our Jackson artists sure can shred with lightning speed, but just how quickly can they blaze through a series of rapid-fire questions? Conan from Exmortus recently gave it a try, and even dared us to add to the … Continue reading

Chris Broderick Takes Jackson Speed Round Challenge

  While visiting Jackson headquarters, Act of Defiance’s Chris Broderick took some time to answer the tough questions in another Jackson Speed Round. Learn about the song he wished he wrote, the craziest guitar mods he’s ever seen and his … Continue reading

Misha Mansoor Takes Jackson Speed Round Challenge

Credit Periphery‘s Misha Mansoor for being a good sport, because when he recently stopped by Jackson headquarters, the guitarist was bombarded with questions for a Jackson Speed Round session. Holding one of his new signature Jackson models, Mansoor dished on his … Continue reading